• The edition breaks registration records, making it the most popular running event with the highest number of runners registered this 2022


  • Runners and sports lovers enjoyed together with the protagonists of the event, the firefighters, the fastest 10 km of Barcelona whose female participation reached 38.40%

The Vueling Cursa de Bombers, paid tribute to one of the historical milestones of the city: the Barcelona 92 Olympic Games on its 30th anniversary, rekindling the Olympic spark with one of the most characteristic symbols of the fire department: the fire. 

At the start of the race, the participants could enjoy the music and atmosphere of Radio Flaixbac, official broadcaster of the race and Lorena de Tena, joining the running party with songs specially chosen for an edition opened by 285 firemen and firewomen who ran with the service uniform under the motto chosen for the race: “Sempre endavant” (Always forward), calling for the courage of the fire department. 

On the other hand, the technical sponsor of the race, Decathlon, dressed all runners with the official T-shirt, where on the back has added the logo commemorating the thirtieth birthday of Barcelona’92.

Adam Maijò and Meritxell Soler the winners in this 23rd edition

The morning day of sport, fun and solidarity, was attended by David Escudé, sports councilor of the Barcelona City Council, who was able to participate in the victory of Adam Maijò in the men’s category, happy to win the race after finishing second in the 2021 edition with a time of 29:24 minutes. 

Meritxell Soler, in the women’s category, with a record of 33:20 minutes, took the victory for the second consecutive time. 

On the part of the fire department, Daniel Álvarez and Gemma Font took the victory, becoming the first fireman and firewoman to finish this 23rd edition of the Vueling Cursa de Bombers.

An increasingly supportive race

The solidarity aspect of the Vueling Cursa de Bombers in which more than 20,000 euros have been raised through the 11 solidarity challenges that the association of Solidarity Firefighters has thrown through the foundation ‘My grain of sand’. The challenge that has raised the most money has been ‘Move fear those who can not’, led by Genís Raich and David Mirón, raising more than 12,000 euros to benefit the study of diseases.

The Vueling Cursa de bombers thus closed its 23rd edition, surpassing the number of runners and fundraising, proclaiming itself as one of the most successful popular races in Barcelona and leaving the bar very high for next year.