• SevenMila presents a new breaking competition format published on the Urban World Series youtube channel

  • Several couples give their all on the dance floor to win the final prize

Breaking Capitals, the revolutionary event presented by SevenMila‘s Urban World Series, brought together eight talented Bboys and Bgirls in a competition like no other. Divided into four teams, these participants faced off in exciting 2-on-2 battles.

The selection of the protagonists of this first edition, including Lil Dani, Poter, Rooty, Jhonny Fox, Meri Berry, Lola, Law and Stefani, has been carefully made on the basis of their skills. Under the watchful supervision of an experienced staff consisting of Kadoer, Sweet Lu and Masta as judges, MG as MC and Godzi in charge of music, Breaking Capitals promises to be an unforgettable experience for Breaking lovers around the world.

The Breaking Capitals competition format is innovative and emotionally charged. Each couple had one minute to showcase their best dance moves, but with an exciting twist. A roulette wheel of misfortune determined the additional challenges the participants had to face during the battle, such as dancing blindfolded, without hands, without music or to the beat of the DJ. These obstacles tested the creativity of the competitors, adding even more excitement to the battles.

The judges, charged with making tough decisions, were tasked with selecting the winning team at the end of each battle. Each defeat meant that the team would accumulate one letter on their counter, and the first team to complete the word B.R.E.A.K would be eliminated from the round.

In addition to the prestige of the competition, there was a prize of €3,000 at stake, so participants did not miss their chance to prove their worth, perform impressive break moves and overcome the most extravagant challenges in search of victory and a share of the cash prize.