• We review our most relevant sporting events of 2023

  • SevenMila’s 2023 has been like this: Extreme Barcelona, Madrid Urban Sports, Andalucía Urban, Vueling Cursa Bombers Barcelona, Montjuïc-Tibidabo, Street Clash Lyon, Scootception and BMX On a Mission.


Andalucía Urban (mayo)


Undoubtedly, sport has been the protagonist for Sevenmila in 2023.

The first event of our urban sports circuit, Urban World Series of the year, Andalucía Urban, celebrated its 1st edition in Almería, Andalucía. More than 15,000 people enjoyed the spectacle of Breaking with the European Championships, International BMX and Scootering competitions in the Port of Almeria.

BGirl Nicka and BBoy Menno were proclaimed European Breaking Champions, Jude Jones and Iveta Miculycova took the gold in BMX and the Estonian Roomet Saalik won in Scootering Park.


Madrid Urban Sports (junio) 

The 3rd edition of Urban World Series Madrid Urban Sports was a great success, once again in Madrid Rio Park.

More than 68,000 people were able to experience live the Scootering World Championship, the international Skateboarding competitions and the BMX and Breaking Olympic qualifiers.

Jordan Clark and Claire Parks were proclaimed Scootering World Champions in the Park category, and Lucas DiMeglio and Mia Catalano in the Street category. Ivan Monteiro and Roos Zwestloot won in Skate, Jiaqi Sub and Jude Jones in BMX and BGirl Riko and BBoy Victor in Breaking.

Street Clash Lyon (junio/julio)

In 2023 we also celebrate the 2nd edition of the online contest Street Clash of Urban World Series, this time in Lyon, France.

It is a product entirely created for social media, in which 8 of the best Scootering Street athletes in the world challenge each other to do tricks on different skate spots in the city. Matis Neyroud, Pol Roman, Jonathan Perroni, Joel Ingold, Jacob Kloes, Indy Clayson, Arnaud Andres and David Senkyr were the 8 selected riders.

Each athlete had two attempts to replicate his partner’s tricks, if he failed, a letter was added, whoever completed the word CLASH -failed 5 tricks- was eliminated.

American Jacob Kloes won the grand final, defeating 2022 champion Jonathan Perroni.

15 aniversario Extreme Barcelona (septiembre)

Extreme Barcelona celebrated its 15th anniversary edition in its fetish place: the Parc del Fòrum.

More than 32,500 attendees enjoyed some of the best athletes of the 6 disciplines -3 of them Olympic-: BMX Park, Basket 3×3, BMX Street Skate, Scootering Park, Scootering Street and Breaking, and more activities related to urban culture.

Justin Dowell, Vilem Jakes, Daniela Terol, Nikita Ducarroz, Jayden Sharman, Claire Parks, Sophie Molyneux and Devon Smilie took the gold medals in this 15th anniversary of Extreme.

Sevenmila received the Premis Impacte award in the event category from the Colegio de Màrqueting y Comunicación de Catalunya 2023 .

Scootception (octubre)

One of the new projects of this 2023, was the Scootception of Urban World Series.

An online contest of Urban World Series, in which 8 Scootering athletes had to record the best possible round, with an empty skatepark, for themselves, with a time limit of 100 minutes.

Danish Mathias Island was proclaimed champion thanks to the votes of the public and the judges.

24ª Vueling Cursa Bombers Barcelona (octubre)

The fastest 10km in the city of Barcelona once again became one of the most popular running events, with more than 12,000 registered runners, the highest number in recent editions. This time, the race had a new route due to some works in the city.

The Vueling Cursa Bombers Barcelona is the only race that has two podiums: one for athletes and one for solidarity. The association “Bombers Solidaris” promoting solidarity challenges, along with donations from registrations and chips and the donation of Caixabank, managed to raise more than 38,000 €, a real record.

Montjuïc – Tibidabo (noviembre)


The 2nd edition of the Montjuïc – Tibidabo, the 50% asphalt and 50% dirt running race, held its 2nd edition on November 1, 2023. The race took the baton from the Cursa de la Amistat, with more than 40 years of history and created by the Barcelona athlete, Francesc Mates.

The Montjuïc- Tibidabo joins Barcelona through its two most emblematic mountains: Montjuïc and Collserola, with 18.5 km and more than 350m of positive elevation gain, a challenge that the 500 participants did not want to miss.

BMX ON A MISSION (diciembre)


And the last project of the year was BMX ON A MISSION from Urban World Series.

An online contest in which 8 BMX Street athletes together with their filmer, had to record a video part of 1 minute maximum. Prizes were awarded to the best rider and the best filmer (camera).

The American Casey Starling won the best rider award and the Argentinean Nicolás Peña, the best filmer.

In addition to our own events, we perform various customer services and activations throughout the year: such as Europcar, Orange, e-Motorsport Show at the Automobile Barcelona event, and more..