• The second edition of the digital competition was a huge success on the Urban World Series YouTube channel

  • The best 8 scooter riders showed off their best tricks to win the final prize

  • More than 34,000 views have been registered between all the Street Clash Lyon videos

Urban World Series, SevenMila‘s international project that promotes urban sports, has held the second edition of Street Clash, this time in the French epicentre of scooter racing, in the city of Lyon.

The digital product was born last year with Barcelona as the main focus, as the city of Barcelona, with Extreme Barcelona, has been one of the showcases for this sport.

In this edition, UWS wanted to go to France, where the highest percentage of scooter athletes are concentrated.

The streets of Lyon attracted the best scooter riders in the world: Matis Neyround, Jacob Kloes, Jonathan Perroni, Arnaud Andrés, Pol Román, David Senkyr, Joel Ingold and Indy Clayson.

The top eight riders were selected to compete in three spots that served as stages for the different phases of the competition: Quarter-finals (Ghetto Spot), Semi-finals (La Doua Campus) and Finals (Foch).

To ensure that the competition was fair, Street Clash Lyon had a team of renowned judges, including Charles Padel, Maxime Bouzid, Boris Germain and Remy Sojah, who officiated as referees in the head-to-head confrontations.

The iconic Foch spot, which is the epicentre of the French scooter scene, provided the perfect backdrop for the thrilling Street Clash finale, with an all-star final between Kloes and Perroni. Both riders put in impressive tricks from the start of the battle, and soon the signs of victory began to lean towards Jacob, who showed great focus and commitment.

The successful competition set the bar high for the upcoming third edition with a record of over 34,000 views across all the videos. If you missed it, you can watch all the battles on the Urban World Series YouTube channel.