Automotive and eSports are joining through Audi and OrigenBcn

It is the first time that a sports club and a company from the automotive sector have collaborated in Spain.

More than 404,000 impressions achieved in digital media define the collaboration as a success.


Last Sunday, June 23rd, the brands Origin BCN and Audi made a collaboration to bring esports fans to one of their references. The first Spanish League of Legends world champion, Enrique Cedeño (xPeke), traveled with a fan in a unique experience in an Audi e-tron 55 quattro vehicle, Audi’s first electric son.

The star of the esports picked up a fan in the Audi vehicle and traveled together to the most important esports and gaming event in Spain, Gamergy. The fan could embrace and meet in person to “xPeke” and talk with him during the tour. Within the event, from the VIP area, they saw together the game of the “Superliga Orange” that faced Origen BCN against S2V. Match in which Origen BCN took the victory.

Thanks to the power of the brand Origen BCN and his ambassador Enrique Cedeño “xPeke” (both have more than 600,000 followers), it was possible to appear on the Twitter timeline of more than 165,000 people, 111,000 from the BCN Origin account. On Instagram he had about 11,500 likes and a reach of 63,000 users on the personal account of xPeke. The video of the action obtained more than 23,000 visits. A success.

More than 5,000 different people related to the brands interacted on Twitter with the post. A reflection of the power of brand penetration of one of the most notorious teams in Spain, current league runner-up and one of the most important personalities in the esports sector.

Origen BCN now has a week of competitive rest after the day held in Gamergy. Space of time during which the team will prepare the game against Penguins, I find that it will be played on first of July.