La Miranda school starts an eSports after-school activity.

• The school of La Miranda, in Sant Just Desvern, presents for the new course that starts next week, the extracurricular activity of eSports with the collaboration of the KIYF club.

• The main objective of the activity is for students to have fun while working on values to grow as people through video games.

eSports are here to stay. Little by little, the electronic sports scene is becoming more integrated in our society, especially among the youngest and the millennials. Since SevenMila we have been betting on this new branch of sports for a long time and this year we have established a collaboration with the school La Miranda and the team that runs the agency, KIYF.

Located in Sant Just Desvern, very close to where the KIYF professional team lives and trains, La Miranda will offer its students during the 2017-2018 academic year the possibility of doing e-sports (e-sports) extracurricular activities. It will be the first collaboration between school and professional team of eSports, and with it La Miranda becomes part of a small group of educational centers that have created an eSports program.

A philosophy of technology-based studies

La Miranda is a school that has made a strong commitment to incorporate technology and the most innovative methods into its education model. That is why they consider that video games can contribute to their students a bit more in their growth. From La Miranda they affirm that “the main objective is that students have fun and at the same time learn to work on values ​​to grow as people through videogames. We wanted to bet on this new way of competing, which we believe is as or more beneficial in terms of personal growth as traditional sports are. ”

The values ​​of electronic sports

This extracurricular activity will be done with the game League of Legends, one of the most popular games internationally. KIYF will provide a trainer so that it can transmit to the students a pleasant and positive atmosphere, so that they can grow in each session. The coach is an essential figure who has to help students to get the most out of them, to have more knowledge of the game but above all to encourage teamwork, communication and emotional management.

Victor Casanovas, director of KIYF, explains the basis of this collaboration: eSports are revolutionizing the habits of young people that, along with digital platforms, have completely changed conventional entertainment offers. Videogame competitions increasingly move more people, both young people and adults who are in the network to play and have fun. Under these last two concepts, we consider it essential that the new generations have access to this phenomenon with educational and behavioral bases to ensure good use both at a sporting level and on a personal level.

From KIYF eSports we have joined with one of the leading schools in Europe to offer eSports after school activities. Our goal is not to find the new sports star, we want fans of the future to practice electronic sports with the necessary knowledge and to relate a healthy, fun and constructive way to the environment of video games.

The eSports are the competitive practice of video games and with this activity it will be sought that students can learn in different areas: have good habits of responsible use of video games, realize the importance of rest, nutrition, fitness and position performance, to train psychologically to face the pressure of obtaining a result, to know how to play as a team and to fit victories and defeats, to give importance to the well-being of our partners as well as our own, strategic thinking, critical reasoning, to enjoy and keep commitments that they contract.

La Miranda has already prepared the eSports room where this extracurricular activity will take place. There the students will be able to count on facilities and a human group with the maximum professionalism.

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