Northweek, official partner of BCN Squad

  • The Barcelona glasses brand bets on the city’s club in eSports.
  • Northweek enters eSports with its new Blue Light collection.

5 February, Barcelona

BCN Squad and Northweek have a lot in common: two projects created in Barcelona, ​​mainly focused on a young audience and, in addition, they move comfortably in the digital territory. With this basis, both have closed an agreement for Northweek to be an official partner of the club in this Split 2021.

Northweek has also adapted to the daily rhythm of young people’s lives and not only has a wide range of sunglasses, but it has also created its models to protect us from the blue light emitted by the screens. Northweek’s Blue Light glasses collection help reduce visual fatigue and eyestrain, sleep disturbances, headaches and mental fatigue, after spending many hours in front of screens, whether mobile, tablet, computer or TV.

Through this collaboration, BCN Squad will bring the Blue Light collection to the audience.

The club’s League of Legends team currently occupies the 5th position in the Spanish league, which is being closely matched in the upper-middle part of the rankings.


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