An eco-friendly provisioning spot in the Cursa de la Mercè.

From some years ahead the Barcelona City Hall is betting for an eco-friendly provisioning spot on their own running events in the city. That means that all the running races which are property of the City Hall have to be as much as respective to the environment as possible.

Accordingly, our company SevenMila developed the project to have a team exclusively focused on organizing and providing all the necessary material to prepare the water provisioning spot in running races. In 2016 we started with the Cursa de Bombers (firefighters’ race) and we’ve also been organizing it in the Cursa de la Mercè.

Production process

Each provisioning spot needs a really strict preparation. A group of more than 140 volunteers work together with the organization team to prepare each of the positions. There around 400 meters long for the spot, with tables, thousands of paper cups, the drums specially prepared for safe drinking water, etc.